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Florian ReApparatus partners with Traffic Pro Beds


December 7, 2023

First Responder Traffic Control

Danger looms for first responders when responding to emergencies on highways and roadways. According to the National Fire Protection Agency in 2020, over 15,500 collisions during duty resulted in 550 injuries to firefighters. This is a stunning example of how First Responders often arrive to hectic and chaotic situations. While they are trained to triage and act, many motorists are not, and first responders are paying the price.

A new partnership between Traffic Pro Beds and Florian ReApparatus aims to mitigate responder and civilian injury through repurposing emergency vehicle chassis to create emergency traffic management units. Building on Florian’s unique and industry-leading approach, Florian will now be able to incorporate both Traffic Pro Bed’s patented and safety-driven components and beds into builds. This partnership will also use digital alerting technologies like HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® to send “slow down, move over” alerts to approaching motorists. This innovative technology makes the presence of first responders and emergency incident scenes known to unsuspecting motorists well before and beyond sightlines.

“We’ve all seen and heard about these tragedies and felt helpless. Traffic Pro Beds is grateful to be teaming up with a partner that will allow us to actually ACT. NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) has clearly stated that universal belting during vehicle operation, lighting, and vehicle staging will help increase safety; this partnership will give responders every opportunity to follow those guidelines.” Paul Varga, Business, Marketing, and Sales Manager at Traffic Pro Beds.

When asked about this new partnership, John Gonzalez, Operations Director, stated:
"Through this partnership and collaboration, I believe we can help be part of a solution consistent with the National Safety Council’s Road to Zero initiative by improving awareness and overall safety at the Responder/Motorist Interface. As a seasoned firefighter and former fire chief, I can personally attest to the dangers that emergency responders face while performing critical, life-saving work while being mere inches away from moving traffic. These dangers have never been greater when considering the unprecedented amount of dangerous “D-drivers” (Distracted, Drunk, Drowsy, Disgruntled, Drugged, and Disrespectful) traveling on our nation’s roads 24 hours per day."

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