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John Gonzalez on SAMatters


September 29, 2021

Dr. Richard Gasaway interviews John Gonzalez of Florian ReApparatus

In this episode we discussed the serious dangers that emergency responders face while operating at roadway incidents at the hands of the growing list of “D” drivers - Distracted, Drunk, Drugged, Drowsy, Disrespectful, Dangerous, and just plain Dumb. Moreover, we discussed the innovative solutions we offer at Florian ReApparatus where we repurpose fire trucks that are approaching the end of their initial intended service life into traffic attenuator trucks for emergency service agencies to help save lives, protect property and ultimately save agencies money. We help protect responders, their emergency vehicles, and the motoring public by retrofitting fire apparatus with attenuator systems and DOT compliant arrow or message boards which provides advanced warning and direction to motorists that emergency responders are operating ahead.

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